"My Husband Barely Talks to Me Anymore -- So I Cheated on Him"

Listen in as one real-life couple works through a major crisis in their relationship with the help of a marriage therapist.


The Couple’s Turn

The Couple

Carly: 32, stay-at-home mom

Matt: 34, financial planner

Married: three years

Kids: Ben, 22 months

The Counselor

Carol Helmer, PhD, Coram, New York

The Background

In the eight years they’d been together, Carly and Matt had never fought — they truly thought they were the perfect couple. But once they had a baby, they started arguing constantly. Then Matt received a bombshell phone call: Carly had been having an affair.

Matt: Did Carly seriously think I wouldn’t find out she was sneaking around? Is she that naïve? Her boyfriend’s wife figured it out and called to tell me the whole story. Seems that Carly has been hooking up with her husband for months — and she did it in our house with our son in the next room. When I heard that I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. Carly won’t have sex with me but manages to find the energy for this guy?

I knew she wasn’t happy, and I haven’t been either. But I’d never cheat on her. I don’t really see the point of therapy, honestly, because I can’t forgive this. I want out of the marriage.

Carly: I don’t know why I did such a terrible thing. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m really not that kind of person. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop.

I bumped into Gene a few months ago when I was visiting my mom. We’d been close as kids but I hadn’t seen him in ages. He’s an EMT now, still living in our hometown. He asked me to have coffee and we started talking. I found myself confiding in him more and more. There was definitely chemistry between us — and he was as unhappy in his marriage as I was in mine. Over the next few weeks, whenever I visited my parents, we’d meet for a walk. Eventually it turned into more. He made me feel special in the way Matt used to but hasn’t in a long time.

In the past year, Matt’s been acting like he can barely stand me. He’s always working and when he gets home he gives me a kiss on the cheek and that’s it. He plays with Ben, watches TV, and goes to sleep. The only time he talks to me is to make sarcastic comments about my cooking or how messy the house is. This is not the guy I fell in love with.

Matt: Carly has an amazing ability to make her affair totally my fault. She’s left out a lot — like the fact that she broke her promise to go back to work after her maternity leave was up. I didn’t want to push her, but as three months stretched to 12 and she still made no move to go back, I started to freak out. If we’re ever going to buy a house we’ll need her salary to help with the down payment. That was our plan. But Carly just makes her own decisions and expects me to go along with them. So yeah, I’ve been mad. I work 14-hour days and then come home to hear her complain that I’m not helping enough! Meanwhile, she’s been ignoring me when I tell her she should put Ben in preschool. He’s almost 2 and he should be with other kids. Carly is too attached. She coddles him. She could get a lot more done if she’d stop being such an obsessive mom.

Carly: Obsessive? That is so unfair. Look, I didn’t realize until after Ben was born how much I wanted to stay home and take care of him. I’ve always been close to my parents and I want my son to feel that way about me, as well. Since when does that make me “too attached”? Matt’s been badgering me about putting Ben in daycare since he was 6 months old, which I thought was much too young. Besides, there are no good preschools in this neighborhood. It’s not kid-friendly at all.

We live in Matt’s old apartment, far from any family or friends. I hate it. When we got married, Matt convinced me that moving here made the most sense financially. He said it was only temporary and that once we had kids, we’d move to the suburbs. Well, clearly “temporary” has a different meaning in his dictionary than it does in mine.

And while I know it’s my choice to stay home, I really did expect Matt to help more. If I asked him to do something like give Ben a bath, he did it so grudgingly that I stopped asking.

Matt: I can’t believe Carly’s complaining about this neighborhood. We’re here so we can save enough money to get the kind of place she wants. But it’s going to take us a lot longer to be able to afford a house in the suburbs with her not working!

And since she’s talking about how I’ve changed, let me say this: I’ve watched the sexy, independent woman I fell in love with become consumed by baby stuff. I know taking care of a kid is tough, but she’s neurotic. She refuses to get a babysitter so we can go out for dinner — forget a night or weekend away. She’ll only leave Ben with her mother, who lives two hours from us. There’s no room for me in her life. I can’t remember the last time we had sex. Carly’s always too tense or too tired. How come she wasn’t too tired to sleep with someone else?

Carly: If I don’t feel loved, I can’t make love. The truth is, I don’t understand what’s happened to me…or to us. We used to be really good together. We understood each other and we told each other everything. Now I can say the sky is blue and he will hear the sky is orange. After a while I went emotionally numb, and I guess that’s why I ended up having the affair with Gene. I begged Matt to come for counseling so we can find a way to move on, but he only wants to obsess about what happened.

Matt: I don’t think I want to move on! Can I ever trust her? I keep replaying the past few months in my head, wondering how I could’ve been so blind. The only reason I’m here is because of Ben. I want him to have a happier childhood than I did. My dad cheated on my mom. He was abusive to her as well as to me and my brothers. You did what he said and if you didn’t you got the belt. I learned that when I feel hurt, it’s best to pull back and say nothing, otherwise I’ll just get hurt more. But I refuse to live like that now.



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