The Mighty Power of the Pen

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I lived with a cop named Johnny for a while. It started out with me loving him, and ended with me loving him. He was a good gu—not for me, but a good guy nonetheless. Johnny was a neighbor of mine. We were friendly, polite, and said the usual “Hello, how are you?” for a couple of years.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I was leaving for work and saw an envelope slipped under my apartment door with my name written on it. I grabbed up the envelope and headed out the door to catch the bus to work. On the bus, I opened the envelope and read the letter. It started off saying that the person writing it, didn’t want to offend in any way, but had some things he wanted to say to me. I looked at the closing, and it said “Thoughtfully, Johnny”. Well, what is this all about?

Johnny wrote that he had been seeing me for two years and that he thought I was very attractive. He went on to say that I carried myself like a queen, and that I was the most stylish woman he had ever seen. The letter continued saying that he had seen my beautiful children and that they brought a smile to everyone’s lips, including his. It showed that I was a great mother.

Now, he got to the good part. My eyes, he wrote, sparkled with intelligence and wit. And he would love to date me if I was available. A woman like me should never be alone! There was his phone number and times when I could reach him. And that wonderful “Thoughtfully” at the end of the letter.

Would it have mattered to me if this guy was short, fat, skinny, bald, ugly, tall, or had a wart on his nose? None of that would have kept me from calling the phone number Johnny left me. He was not any of those things, by the way. He was a good-looking guy with a wonderful smile and a delightful personality. And he could write! I was hooked!

In time, I found that Johnny had trouble saying no to women who pursued him. In his uniform, he was rather stunning. He was sorry every time I ran into evidence that he had strayed. I believe he was sorry. But I didn’t believe I could live with infidelity even if it was casual for him. We parted. I kept Johnny’s letter for a lot of years. Boys should learn to write! It works to their advantage every time.


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