Miraculous White Rose

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It starts with a prayer,
It starts with a magical touch
As I open the bottle of illusions
Let the spirit of a love begins
Come inside me
Twirls spontaneously
And leaves shiver in me

Petals of purity and devotion
Lead me to the person
I’ve been searching so long
Show him in my dreams
As I pray the Hail Mary
I’ll put you back on my pouch
As I lay my eyes closed to darkness.

Here comes
A new beginning of an endless love
In the midst of the night
A ray of light spring back
I opened my eyes
With surprise and delight
An image came in focus.

Oh, my Adonis, my Hercules,
And my Machete
You’re just once a myth
So handsome, so adorable
My knees were trembling
My face were blushing
Oh how wonderful to be with you.

White rose of love and dreams
Take me, to the one I truly love
Offer this purest love and devotion
Thus, he stays till eternity
Until the morning comes
I will wake up by his side
Entwined by vows and love.



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