Misunderstood (Part 2)

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To her there was no purpose to life. It was a morbid routine. Getting up, getting the kids ready, feed them, take them to school, go to work, pick them up, feed them, go to bed and the next day it all started over again. What was the fight for? She could never find the answer to that question. And every day that went by without the answer, made her a little less part of life. Yet, she knew that she was not like all other women. The ones that was her age even the younger and older ones felt a live. They went to parties, they got all dressed up, wore make up and jewelry; they had friends and they seemed to get along. Their families were exceptional. Their kids were amazing and it seemed as though everything in their lives was positive. On the other hand (her life): she never cared to dress up, never cared to go out, and couldn’t care less about makeup and jewelry. Friends were always taking her innocence for granted; her family was so messed up with jealousy and hatred, so hooked up on themselves that she did not relate to them at all. Therefore she kept away as much as she could. But deep down inside she wished she could live a life like theirs for one day.

She lay down looked at the clouds and tears ran down her cheeks. How can she explain all that to someone while she still has a lot inside that she still couldn’t pick up? There is so much deep within her that she feels, but doesn’t have a grasp on, so much she wished she could explain to herself. Today was a Sunday. A very dark Sunday …

It was time to understand what she needed and react to her needs. Her main concern was her boys. It seemed that the clouds were talking to her with their shapes. It seemed like she was being called from beyond. Her whole body was wrapped with unexpected warmth, her surrounding was white and relaxing, it seems like a smell of lavender was calming her thoughts. She was being held by comfort. She never took drugs but heard about the feeling it provided to its users! It felt good. She was seeing her boys playing with angels and white puppies. On the other side of that oh so peaceful place; she was watching them with a candid smile. An aura of peace and freedom shook over her whole body. Her spirit was free in that place; she was happy.



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