This Is More Complicated Than You’d Think

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This prompt seems to be going viral on Facebook—at least in my circle of over-sharers—with thousands of pithy, clever, and sometimes scary single movie titles. For me, I’m less succinct. Also, this is why I can’t ever play along with these games:

Currently I’m a Single White Female, so often my sex life is based on Serendipity and is just as quickly Gone with the Wind, until I consider Friends with Benefits. But then I worry about The Hangover and having to start sentences with About Last Night

The Ugly Truth is that sometimes I’m conflicted between being a Lady and the Tramp, but then I think hard about my Basic Instinct and I’m all Bring it On, Easy Rider!

Sometimes I convince myself Hope Floats and in my Pursuit of Happyness, or at least My Big Fat Greek Wedding,  I vow to be The Soloist until I find Love Actually, but who can resist The Thrill of it All (the “it all” being Close Encounters of a Third Kind)?! Mostly, I’m still Clueless and hope this is not As Good As it Gets.

How would you answer this prompt?


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