Moving On in More Than One Way

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I am in a relationship with a man that has adult children. There is very little respect, thus no relationship between them and I. My boyfriend has yet to stand up for me and would rather keep the peace than upset them by standing up for me. Its been a year since we started dating and  in know nothing will change. Due to him allowing them to disrespectful I feel the need to hyper aware of their every move and conversation they have with the boyfriend. I feel I have to be ready to defend myself at any time and I do not feel this is fair to my boyfriend because it puts a strain on his relationship with them (kids). He says all the right things, but his actions are not matching up anymore. I do love him and wanted at one point of time to spend my life with him. I thought love was enough, but as of now I am so lost. I am not the person I used to be. I have lower self esteem and am just holding on to the good times we have. When its just "us" and the topic of the kids do not come up. I have been through a similar experience in a past relationship and I know its not healthy.  I am putting a plan together now to leave the relationship not only for my health, but also for his. He says he is happy, but I cant help but feel he is holding back with his relationships with the kids because of me. I just want to be treated with respect and do not feel I am getting this need fulfilled in this relationship. I do plan on moving to a town close, but far enough away to restart after this. I do not feel as if I can move on being in the same town as him. Although I am at peace with the resoning I know it will still hurt to leave him.
Anyone have a negative or positive experience with moving away after a relationship ended? I'd love some feedback.


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