Mr. All Text No Talk

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< Woot! It’s Wednesday! As regular readers know, here on If Only I Knew this means today is Guys Not to Hump Day! In celebration, today I will be exploring the dangerous appeal of a guy I call: Mr. All Text No Talk.

It’s been said actions speak louder than words. Well, I gotta add my two cents right now—actions speak ten times louder than texts!

I personally find it very frustrating/insulting when a guy chooses to text me rather than make that far classier move, the telephone call. Basically, when a guy chooses to text instead of call, he is doing so for one of three reasons—none of which are exactly a compliment on your specialness:

  1. Mr. All Text No Talk is with someone else and so he can’t talk. But he can through the miracle of text technology set it up so that when/if he has some free time away from this other gal, he can reel you in.
  2. Mr. All Text No Talk doesn’t want to have a conversation which will increase your intimacy level because he wants to keep things at a nice not-so-cozy distance. Again, Mr. Text No Talk is hoping his texts will keep you connected enough so if/when he wants to set up a quickie hook up, he can reel you in.
  3. Mr. All Text No Talk doesn’t think you’re worth taking the time out of his busy schedule to have a quality, leisurely conversation. But, once again, Mr. All Text No Talk is hoping that his little tasty text bites will keep you hungry for more of him—so when/if his busy schedule frees up, he can reel you in.

I’ve got three words to sum up all of the above: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

And I’ve got three suggestions for what you should do about a Mr. All Text No Talk:

  1. Say Adios Amigo!
  2. Say Later Alligator!
  3. Say Sayonara Sweetie!

Hmmm . . . on second thought, instead of saying any of these things, maybe you should simply text him them instead.


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