My Brother Got Me Pregnant

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My name is Angel. I am only 15 and I live with my three brothers. The twins, Mar and Sky (who are both 19) and my twin brother, Tobe. When my brother, Sky, moved into the house, everyone was pretty happy to get to know him. He is quite the gentlemen. In public. I never would have thought that he was as sick minded as he is. But I found out soon enough. He would come into my room while the other boys were asleep in their own rooms and he would just push me around at first. But then it got worse. Whenever the other boys were out doing something (very often) then he would come into my room and rape me. I was terrified of him and what he could do to me. Recently, I have found out that I am pregnant. And, since I hadn’t slept with my boyfriend for 3 months, there was only one explanation. Sky had gotten me pregnant. I don’t know what to do. I am very much against abortions but I am not ready for a child at my age. And, also, I would feel horrible if I give the child up for adoption.


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