Never Been Kissed!

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I am twenty-seven years old and decided at a young age that I would save myself for my husband. In this I  became very particular about who I would date and what he had to be like. I waited all through high school and never found the right guy so I chose not to date then. I continued on through life just waiting for God to bring me the right man, never dating. I know what I want, I have my standard, and I’m just not willing to settle for less.

Well, I have finally started dating, in April, a very nice man whom I met at church. I’m not saying “he’s the one,” but there’s potential. We’ve been dating about two months and still have yet to kiss and that’s totally okay with me. Yes, I do want that first kiss, but I want it to come from someone who loves me and can see a future for us. So for this I will wait. The same goes for sex, but that will wait for the wedding night.

I won’t say it’s not hard, because it is. I have feelings I’ve never had before, but I’m strong and in the waiting, I will be blessed!


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