Never-Ending Love

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My story is the ultimate fairytale. I have forever loved this man for thirty years. I met him at a party thirty years ago we went out did our thing. He was my first true love, so you no how that goes—butterflies, not eating, waiting for that phone call. All of a sudden he pops up like nothing but its ok because I love him. Things were ok between us I saw nothing wrong in this guy. Oh, but my mom didn’t see it like me!

He’s not for you he is a thug a gangbanger and he was. But so what? I loved him He would come and go. When that phone rang I would jump so high and think oh my god it’s him his voice was my biggest thrill even if I didn’t see him. He would tell me things about his life and who was involved he told me he “was not with his baby’s mother.”

He had three boys I kind of saw where that was heading only because I had my friends telling me, “He’s married!”

“No he’s not!” I would say! But as long as I seen or heard from him everything was alright with me! We met back in ‘78 we had our daughter in 1980 things were still the same but I wouldn’t see him as much only because he went back to his wife. In and out of prison we would communicate through letters and I still loved this guy to death. My first love.

I couldn’t love nobody else the way I love him and no one could compare to him. I was right—there was no one like him. So, as time kept passing our distance got father and further. Months would go by. There again he popped up there goes my heart melting …

We had no closure we never said goodbye to each other but he knew if he ever needed me of course I’d be there.

So now years went by I would tell my friends at the time (I was twenty-five to thirty) that I would always say if I get to be fifty years old I wonder if I would still talk to him see him that’s how much I would still think of him. In 1987 I met a man it was time to settle down. So we made a go of it we had two children. But still my heart was still wondering where my first love was. Who he was with my daughter and him kept in touch through the years. He kind of settled down with another woman got married I was not at all happy with that I would see him at times I still would get all nervous.

The love was still there and he felt it too. My relationship was ok but there was something missing the love it wasn’t there he is a great father for my kids but our relationship became a job only for the kids we stood together for twenty-three years.

Everyone around thought we got along fine. We did but there was no affection no hugging nothing maybe at the beginning. One day out of the blue February of 2007 I received a phone call—it was him—the love of my life! Oh my god my heart was pounding. I was acting like a teenager. He called to say his father passed away. I went to visit him. He was no longer with his wife and that red flag went up not again!

He was really telling me the truth. So guess what I’m no longer with the man I was with for twenty-three years. I am fifty years old and I am with the love of my life and we are doing just fine and dandy. I adore him so much. Our daughter enjoys her dad and we are enjoying our grandchildren together. We overcame the hurdles, the hurt, and the feelings that came with us leaving our other spouses but now we’re happy. 


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