Never Enough

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They were work friends, sharing a few meals along with laughs in the park at lunchtime. A couple dinners together with nothing much more than kisses. He needed to know it meant something, and it did. It did to her, it meant everything, but she lacked the confidence needed to tell him. She was very rough around the edges and used humor to protect what she truly was. He took the safe route and moved on, leaving her to know, she wasn’t enough. His family grew almost immediately and she couldn’t face that fact daily. She needed to leave that environment and did. It didn’t matter; she could never really leave him behind. He was in her heart and he would remain there always.

They managed to connect a few times over the years, updating each other on the growth of their families and careers. When they would meet, their eyes would lock. She would spend days wondering if he could see right through to her heart pounding. Did he know how much she loved him? He always looked so sad and worn out. She could heal him, protect him, and love him. She knew it. She wanted him to know, but again, she could never find the words to tell him. 

Then it happened. The timing seemed as if it could be right. They had what seemed to be a sanctuary for a brief time. Finally, she had found the words and the courage. She told him. She prayed for the happiness to last, learning quickly that fairy tales don’t come true and it’s better sometimes not to live a dream. When the dream is gone, you’re left with nothing. Hollow, her heart empty and sad, she was told once again that she wasn’t enough. Never enough.



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