A Night to Remember ...

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I had been in a serious relationship with David* for almost three years. We had been off and on, breaking up here and there because his jealousy, manipulation, and need for controlling my life got way out of hand. But every time we broke up or argued I always went back to him apologizing and telling him how much I loved him. My friends and family began to worry when they started to watch him curse at me and push me when we fought in public. It was never a lot but always just enough for the people that were close to me begin to wonder if I was in trouble.

But I continued to stick up for him bail him out of jail when he got into fights and support him when he started to take my money. Then one night I realized how much danger I was in. I had loaned David my car while I was at work one day and when he came to pick me up completely drunk I knew the night was headed in a bad direction. He took me to his friend’s apartment where he kept inhaling vodka and I started to sip on these wine coolers. About two hours later we decided to leave for some reason so we packed up the alcohol in my car and headed out. Halfway out of the apartment complex my phone rang. He grabbed the phone out of my hand and read the text message I had just received. It was a friend of mine telling me that he had developed feelings for me and how he didn’t deserve to have me as a friend.

David* saw this and started to speed away screaming at me asking me where he lived. I was so petrified that I pointed him in the opposite direction hoping he’d calm down. He started to scream at me and starting calling people telling them to say goodbye to me. I couldn’t get out of the car because the doors were locked and he had his hand around my wrist. After about twenty minutes he called my friend and asked him where he was he had figured out that he was going the wrong way. My friend wouldn’t tell him. So he called my best friend and told him I was going to die he put me on the phone and I was begging for him to save me. But there was nothing he could do.

David* hung up the phone and asked me how I wanted to die. He asked me if I wanted to drive into a telephone pole or a tree. That is the moment when I realized I might die. He called one more person (to this day I don’t know who that is), and told them he was going to kill me and he was going to disappear for a while. And after a few minutes he got off the phone and pulled the car over. After he pulled over the car he grabbed my phone, keys, purse, and a beer out of the trunk and started to walk away. So I chased after him and asked for my keys back he could have my money and everything just give me the keys. He turned to me and dropped everything so while I was trying to grab all my stuff he took off his belt and began to beat me, then he began to slap and choke me. After I came to from passing out he was gone and the police started to question me, I had no answers. I had no idea what I just did.



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