No More Frogs

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This is my story about the joys of single life and dating. Through all the frustrations … the ups and the downs, this is where I am now and hopefully can say at forty six years old … I’ve kissed my last frog.

In my love life, I’ve kissed my fair share of frogs and all I ever seemed to end up with were a few warts! I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a couple of little tadpoles though; one of them is twenty-six years old and the other is seven. My children have always been the driving force that has kept me striving in this unpredictable world. They were my world, but I had come to realize they couldn’t be all of it.

I had my last child at forty years of age in a marriage I thought would last forever. The Lord can be quite humorous at times and this happened to be one of those times. He seemed to say “OK Rene, so you think you have it all together and can handle whatever’s thrown your way. Let’s see how your patience level is now.” So he put me to the test of raising this beautiful hearing impaired child alone. The current frog in my life had chosen to jump back in the pond, I was now solo.

Here I was back in the single world after spending the majority of my adult life up to this point married. I didn’t have a clue as to how to do it or how to go about finding my prince after the initial heartbreak faded. I wasn’t even sure if he existed out there anymore. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to look.

In the beginning of single life, you have well intentioned friends and family members who think you need help getting back out in the world of dating. Most of them have just the “perfect guy with the good personality” to fix you up with. Ugh! Frogs, frogs all of them were frogs. This didn’t work for me. Next I tried the club scene and yes it was fun to be out with adult people, but once again nothing but frogs. Drunk frogs .What could be worse?

At this point, I was so fed up with the dating scene that life with my cats was starting to look real good. As a last ditch effort I decided to give the online dating sites a try. I couldn’t do any worse. If they were jerks all I had to do was click off the computer. Simple as that right? Well wrong again, because online your never a hundred percent sure if they are telling the truth or just telling you what they think you to want to hear. They could be ten years older then the picture they have posted, or simply not being honest about themselves at all. But what did I have to lose at this point.

My friends gave me a lot of grief when I first started talking to men online. Over and over they stressed to be careful, that I could run into a lunatic. Well in my experience crazy people can be anywhere. Heck I’d ran across a few with questionable sanity in my home town, right in my own back yard. So I didn’t feel this was anymore of a risk. Usually in the course of conversation, I could tell if I was on the same page as the person I was talking to whether it was online or in person so I forged ahead. I met a few of the men that I had talked to briefly.

When we did meet it was always at a public place. I made sure someone always knew where I was at and who I was with. I was looking for that special spark from whoever I chose to date. I wanted a man who captured my attention and kept it. Once again nothing seemed to click between the ones I came across. That is until I came across Dale. He was a very attractive man … Not to mention he was a Yankee from Michigan … lol and I liked what he had to say about himself. A lot of his views on life and how he looked at things were so similar to my own. One of the biggest pluses about talking to Dale was that he made me laugh .We laughed all the time. We talked about everything you can imagine. We never ran out of things to talk about and both were thoroughly interested in what the other had to say. I’m sure the phone company loved us. We continued talking daily. Some days a couple times a day … with text messages thrown in. We just couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. After a few weeks we decided to meet in person.

Our first meeting was at Holiday Inn in a small town close to where I live. When Dale walked out on the balcony we knew each other immediately. He wore the biggest grin from ear to ear. I knew instantly the connection was the same in person as it had been online and over the phone. He had beautiful eyes, eyes that felt like they looked clear to my soul. My heart felt like it skipped a beat. The nervousness that was there before my arrival had evaporated into thin air. It felt like we already knew one another from all the lengthy conversations we’d already had. Dale had no idea how many points he made with me right then and there. First off any man who would travel three hours to come see me sight unseen on a first date , have his truck break down half way to me, then have it towed home in the opposite direction without ever uttering a negative word about it was all right in my book.

He hesitantly leaned towards me, took me in his arms and gave me the softest kiss of my entire life and it seemed like such the natural thing to do. I felt this amazing kiss from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I was breathless and I think you could probably hear my heart beating out of my chest. Here I was forty-five years old and as giddy as a teenager. “This is what it’s supposed to be like,” I thought. For just a few minutes I was without a single coherent thought in my head but WOW!

From that moment on Dale and I have been working towards becoming a couple. Dale is everything I’ve always looked for in a mate. He is very much a gentleman, opens my car door, helps me with my coat, and does all the little things that would make you feel special .He treats me like a lady wants to be treated. Chivalry is not dead as I’d thought. We can’t wait to see each other or right now at least talk to each other at the end of the day. We so enjoyed each others company and are quickly becoming crazy about one another … I had often told myself never again would I consider the future whether that be marriage or just being exclusive ever again after being burned so bad. Well all I can say at this point is never say never; maybe I do want to believe in forever again. We have just begun to learn all the little intricate things about each other … some good some bad. I can’t say everything has been roses because it hasn’t been but we have come to realize what’s important and that’s us! No matter how tough it gets if we strive to think of the other persons feelings first before our own it seems to help. Life is tough, but it’s not quite so bad if you have someone in your corner.

We’ve shown each other what love is supposed to feel like. Love is not supposed to hurt at all and especially if you’re with the right person. We may not always agree on everything, but we do have respect for one another. We are open to the idea that we can learn from another’s point of view and still keep our own views in tact. Talking to each other instead of at each other can make all the difference in the world .The key to great communication is to listen, really listen to what the other one has on their mind. Sometimes you have to learn to listen without saying a word at all. One of my favorite times is at the end of a long day, talking with my sweetie and occasionally cuddled up sometimes not saying anything at all, just being close. At times like that it feels like there’s no one else in our little world but us.

No one knows what our future may hold but I know I’m ready to stop fishing … Hang up my pole and take a leap of faith … this is just the beginning of this fairytale story …

No more frogs for this girl. My prince has finally arrived.


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