No Sex in the City

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You’ve heard of Sex and the City … I have a new spin on it.

Wait till you hear what I have to report about Not Dating in LA.

I am in the dating Mecca of the world. The melting pot of all things the world values are found in LA and I was not dating. The thought of it gave me the heebie jeebies. Not because there is something wrong with me or anyone else, but because there is something right and good on the horizon that is in harmony with the planet (plan-it).

I realized a week ago that for two years, I have actually had a large white wedding veil made from white mesh with pretty silk flowers draping down the sides hanging over my bed and I was mistakenly calling it a canopy!  

I am a reasonably good looking 5 foot 7 inch 124 pound brown eyed fifty-one year old woman with long black hair in pretty good shape with a decent attitude in general.  My personal idea of erotica is a spiritual connection with heart and soul that keeps me in a constant state of high frequency mental orgasm. If I were with a mate who felt this way which is a connection that is so beyond physical that by the time we arrived to that eventual union of bodies it would be so incredibly intense and deep that we may not come up for air for days, weeks or months. The kind of love making that raises the frequency of the Universe is the erotica I am interested in.  Am I the only one out here who feels this way? I would actually rather meditate for the rest of my wonderful life than to settle for less.

I am not for everyone certainly, but to some, I have been told I am an example of their idea of what the perfect woman would be.  One very direct man said this in front of his wife and knowing they weren’t swingers I was stunned that she agreed with him! Wow … that’s huge. This man even went as far as to say that I am the kind of woman who would make a man want to write bad checks.

The mate I am creating (in my mind anyway) is the kind of evolved person whose soul cried out for mine when we were not together. The kind of mate who is present and brings truth to our union, who couldn’t wait to be with me at the end of their work day, the kind of mate that would trust me to tell all of their secrets to and couldn’t wait to tell me more, the kind of mate who had a passion to co-create a better world together where all things are about raising the frequency around the globe and in one another. The kind of mate who would be aroused only for what we were creating together. Where the hell is the single and age appropriate version of this person?!  Am I expecting too much? I don’t think so. I believe that this is where we are headed. I believe that as the frequency shifts to higher and higher levels that lower frequency things will be burned away and will not be able to sustain their place in the world such as pornography and violence.  

This is not about sex at all. It’s about making a difference in the world by physical connection which is about mutually honoring and respecting the God essence in one another. This is not about physical sensation. This is about raising frequency. Otherwise it is only about flesh and release of earthly pressures.

When I refer to the term sex, I am saying that the TERM is the same as the act. The word sex for me refers to a sport. The term making love is nourishment, a gift, life altering and transforming as well as life giving. Sure, sex can be life giving also, but what kind of spirits are we attracting to fill our womb with instant gratification as the goal?

We can think of many ways to have sex besides the physical. The term sex needs to be redefined. I personally loathe the word sex because it is filled with empty calories. It’s junk food for the soul.


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