Online Dating

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So ladies, tell me, this online dating thing many people say it is a wonderful thing. I have two friends one in her forties and the other in her sixties that have married from online dating. Both still very happy with awesome guys! So I tried it and to my surprise it is an experience that I will never forget. I posted my ad, posted a nice picture, presented myself to be who I really am. Then I started getting the ugliest and nastiest emails. I was shocked. So then I deleted that profile and moved on to another site. I started getting flirts and then started talking to a few till I finally got the courage to meet one.

We were to meet at a diner to have coffee. I dressed casual and appeared just like the person I portrayed in my picture. The sad thing was when he arrived I did not even know it, he walked right by me and then turned around and called my name. I looked at him in utter surprise! He was at least 300 pounds and did not look anything like the picture he posted. I am not a woman that is shallow and goes by looks alone. But I thought if he would lie about something so trivial he must not even be who he says he is. So we had coffee and I explained to him how I felt. Needless to say he got up and left shortly after me talking to him. Then I had another date, guy told me he did not drink which was a plus with me because I do not drink. So we met at a local coffee shop and he arrived drunk! I left as soon as we met telling him I did not appreciate him coming drunk and he just laughed and said, what you see is what you get. So I went back online and decided to talk more than a few weeks with someone before I met them. I usually talked for about three weeks till I agreed to meet.

So this time I talked to a guy for about a month (guys lose interest if you chat too long without meeting) we talked online, then we exchanged phone numbers. He called me and we talked for about four days straight. Conversations were endless. We would talk two to three hours at a time. Then we decided to have dinner at Ruby Tuesday. He showed up and he actually looked better than his picture. We had a nice dinner and we talked in the parking lot afterwards for two hours and I really liked him and felt he liked me. Then date number two was a few days later (oh yea, he called everyday) we decided to go back to Ruby Tuesday. We had a nice dinner and then talked in the parking lot for about three hours. I realized that we had experienced a lot of the same things and he was telling the truth he did not drink. He kissed me good night and told me he really liked me.

As I was going to leave he came back to my car and said he wanted to talk more. So we chatted for another hour. The conversation got on the topic of sex and I told him that I did not like casual sex. I said that I needed to know someone and be in at least a committed one on one dating relationship before I would feel comfortable having sex. He said he liked that I was a lady and was okay with that. I explained that I did not go on the internet to just find sex. Well the next day he said he would call and he never did. That was two days ago and he has never called. Before I told him I did not like casual sex he called me at least twice a day and we would talk for hours. We are both in our forties so I thought this might finally be a mature dating experience. But he never called. I just do not get this online thing and why men invest so much time in talking to someone and sharing their personal life with someone that they have no intentions of doing nothing but having casual sex. I guess I am from the old school I just do not know what I am doing wrong. I would love for any of you ladies out there to read this and please give me some advice on this if you have any to share? Thank you!



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