Online Dating Ladies Do Prevail

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After writing my online dating horrors to everyone and asking for advice, I was glad to see that I got many positive responses. So I would like to say thank you to everyone that read my story and also thanks for all your kind words as well.

In my last online dating story I talked about the most recent guy I met online, James, who did not call for two days after me telling him I do not do casual sex. Needless to say I am happy to say, he did call and explained that he was working very late and I believe him due to his profession.

We went out again last night and he brought me the most beautiful flowers that I had ever gotten and he told me that I was a true lady and was worth waiting for, which to my surprise he took my breath away by this statement because now days most guys would not appreciate someone like me that will make you wait months before I felt comfortable enough for sex.

So there is some great guys still out there and there are some that are online. Much to my surprise. I had almost lost all hope in men. So I guess not altering your morals for anyone you meet whether online or in a grocery store, for me it paid off.

I am in my forties and for a man to take my breath away is worth writing about. So good luck to all you ladies out there that are doing the online dating.


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