Online Dating Profile Tips for Women

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These may seem like common sense, but are absent from too many dating profiles ladies. Here’s how to make the best first impression possible—and get lots of communication!

1. Post Multiple Photos
One head shot is not enough, ladies. Our visual counterparts want to check you out … that is a reality! So give them a nice representation of who you are and what you like to do by posting a variety of photos. Oh and pics with your girlfriends are totally fine, just make sure you are recognizable, and not holding a bottle of Budweiser! (Might send the wrong message!)

2. Smile for the Camera
Yes, more on photos (because they are that important). Make sure you are smiling and not smirking, please. Are you an active girl? Then post some images playing volleyball, hiking, golfing, or participating in your favorite sports. 

3. Avoid Clichés
Way too many people write exactly the same things on their profiles. So much so that a discussion about it has been started on Advice. The abbreviated version? No more “I live life to the fullest,” “I like to paint the town red,” “I’m drama free,” “I like to take things slow,” or “I’m looking for my best friend.” Try and show a little originality.

4. Reach Out
Too many women sit back and wait for a guy to initiate communication. If you see someone who looks interesting, send them a hello! Many men say they are thrilled when a woman actually reaches out first.

5. Be Flexible with Your Settings
Why not shoot for more “middle of the road” on areas that aren’t deal breakers? What if an amazing guy lived just outside of your thirty mile perimeter? Seriously, take a good look at your settings and consider being more flexible. You are very likely to get more matches if you do. 

6. Rethink your “Must Haves” and “Can’t Stands”
Does a guy really need to be four inches taller than you? Why does that matter so much? Are there other areas you could compromise on a bit? There is no such thing as a perfect person—so getting realistic about what you are looking for (and what is out there!) will help open the door to more potential partners.

7. Don’t Make a Rush to Judgment
If you are looking at a guy’s profile, and there is something that concerns you, why not reach out and ask a question, instead of just closing the match? If a man makes no mention about pets, and you are in love with dogs, ask him, instead of assuming he doesn’t like them. Never assume!

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