Opposites Attract

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Sixteen years ago I was attending community college, living at home with my family, and working three jobs to save money and pay for school. I had already been accepted to a four-year university so I was anxious to finish community college, and continue my degree in Political Science with hopes of eventually going to Law School and becoming a lobbyist in D.C.

My political science classes were filled with others who shared my goals, but not my opinions. There was one individual in my classes who was extremely outspoken in his opinions and unfortunately for me was a teacher’s number one go to guy.

So I sat in the back of these classes, dreaming of moving out, going to a big school, and ignoring the long-haired hippie that monopolized the class with his personal political beliefs. I just wanted an A and a diploma so I could move on.

One day in late February, I walked into class feeling particularly down. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of almost two years and was having a little pity party for myself. The longhaired hippie asked what was wrong (I think this was the first time we had spoken to each other) so I told him and he replied that he had also just broken up with his girlfriend too. He mentioned something about us going out (I am pretty sure he was kidding) to which I thought, not in a million years buddy, but on the outside smiled politely and busied myself in a book.

February passed and some time in March I was absent from a class where we had watched a movie. Since there was a commentary about the movie for a grade due the next week, I needed to find a way to watch the movie on my own. It just so happened that long-haired hippie owned this movie so he offered to let me come over and watch it one day after school.

I arrived at long-haired hippie’s apartment and knocked on the door. I was a bit nervous being a twenty-year old female, alone in an apartment complex, going to someone’s house that I only knew casually in class, and I thought was extremely weird. I waited at the door and knocked again.

The door finally swung open and standing there was a tall thin stranger with dark mangled hair and a crazed stare. I stared at the stranger thinking I was at the wrong apartment and he stared at me, sort of …


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