Packing Tips for Passengers Traveling With a Sex Toy

Going through airport security is a big enough hassle as it is. When you decide to bring a sex toy along for the ride, things get a bit more complicated. We've got a few key packing tips that should make your adventure nothing but smooth sailing.
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Planning on taking a vacation or just going on a business trip? Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you may have contemplated on bringing one of your sex toys with you. According to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Transportation Safety Administration has approved traveling with vibrators. In addition, bondage items such as whips, chains, and restraints are also OK to take on the plane and will not be confiscated. If you're still nervous, we've got a few packing tips for you.

If the TSA states that passengers are allowed to bring these types of sex toys on the plane, then passengers should just go ahead and pack them, right? Well, there is still the potential embarrassment factor. You may imagine yourself standing in the jam-packed security line, holding your carry-on nervously with your sex toys packed inside, waiting for your turn. As TSA inspectors eye you with suspicion, you put your bag on the belt for it to be scanned. You walk through the security detector and wait for your bag on the other side. It’s coming out, you say! But wait, the belt pulls it in and the inspector gives it a closer look. Excuse me, miss! We need you to step aside. The inspector then tells you he needs to check your bag. While you're on the verge of throwing up from nervousness, he begins to search your bag and pulls out your favorite rabbit vibrator and asks you what that is for. At that point, you hang your head in shame, and walk away in tears after the check is over. OK, before your imagination and paranoia gets the best of you, here are a few things to remember.

According to several studies, more than 50 percent of women own a vibrator. Plus there are millions of men who also own sex toys such as masturbation sleeves and erection rings. Sex toys are very common and can be found at more mainstream retailers such as Walgreens. There is no shame in sex toy use. People of all different backgrounds, adult age groups, and professions use sex toys in his or her personal life. Sex toy use does not mean that you are desperate, dirty, or a bad person. Actually, think of how people who have not experienced the pleasure of sex toys are missing out!

If you are nervous about putting your sex toy in your carry-on, pack it in your checked in luggage. Larger, adult toy items that are anatomically correct replicas of male anatomy that are a foot or so in length can be considered a weapon, and should not be packed in your carry-on. Place those items in your checked luggage. According to the article, TSA states that size does matter when it comes to what you bring on your carry-on.

More tips:

  • Remove batteries from your vibrators prior to travel
  • If you are traveling internationally, know the international laws when it comes to traveling with a sex toy, as some countries may not approve of those types of devices and may be confiscated
  • If the TSA inspector questions you about your sex toy, do not lie and say that it is something else. That could get you into worse trouble. Remember, there is no shame in sex toy use. Just tell him or her exactly what it is with your head held high.
  • If you are truly nervous about traveling with your sex toy, just don’t bring it.  


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