A Pain So Deep

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My tears are falling like rain, just one cut could ease the pain.

Doesn’t he love me anymore? My heart has been ripped, my heart is tore.

All the love I have for him inside, it seems to have washed away with the tide.

He cares nothing about my feelings or what hurts me. I love him so much, but this he can’t see.

I’d do anything to give him comfort, but he doesn’t care. His eyes use to be filled with love and now, it’s a blank stare.

If he only knew the pain that it causes my heart, he wouldn’t do it, and we wouldn’t fall apart.

Let me infuse my skin with the blade, my life for his happiness, is it a fair trade?

Just to see the love he use to have for me, just to have things back the way they us to be.

That won’t happen because he loves me no more, I ache inside, and my heart is sore.

No more looks of love, no more tender touches. This hurt is overwhelming, it has me in its clutches.

To continue loving without being loved in return, it’s a slap in the face, a permanent burn.

I’ll be quiet, I won’t say a word, then my soul will be free, soaring like a bird.

Until I know he loves me again, this pain will continue, it will have no end.


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