The Power of a Kiss

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good kiss needs none.

Kissing is a fundamental foundation to a healthy and vibrant relationship. It is an act of affection and adoration a person shares with another. It is a form of expression that can be shown to the public domain without criticism; and if there is, it is only from those that are envious.

A kiss is perhaps one of the most intimate forms of expression a couple can exchange. Within a single first kiss, the world seems to stop and all that is around fades away. In that moment of bliss, you lose yourself to the rush of emotions.

A kiss can tell whether you and your partner will act in unison; harmoniously in sync to each other’s vibes. If the kiss proves impenetrable, it is a positive affirmation to the synergy between the two. But if the kiss proves otherwise, such as a peck, and it does not generate electricity, then more likely than not the relationship will need work or it may just falter.

What Would Simeon Do?
Savor the moment of each kiss. From the first time you kiss your lover, treat each kiss as if it were your last.

A kiss is a way we say “I do,” committing ourselves unconditionally to one another for a lifetime; so make it count. Never force a kiss or rush through the motions to move past first base.

Within each kiss you can feel the connection that runs from one person to the other, not just in a physical sense, but emotionally. A kiss is perhaps the most powerful form of intimacy because it cannot be faked.


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