Quantum of Difference

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Just a girl but I don’t take it as an excuse of doing something, I have the power to do what the opposite sex can and it could be the other way around.

In a predicative brain, a person has no escape to what we call and we know the “human nature” as others call it. You can never run away from the nature you used to become or the innate nature of a being. A guy is not far from a girl when we talk about nature and anatomy. There are few differences that wouldn’t count to fully except a certain gender as to what we know “the innate personality.” By figure or physical physique as to the anatomical structure there’s a difference that makes up a big picture as to how a girl appears and differs from a guy, and much given an emphasis with a reproductive structure designed for two different sexes. A girl follows a certain figure code anatomically, a figure heavenly made for girls same as true with the boys. That’s the only difference the two sexes have, a sexual structure phase. And I don’t believe it credits to the whole difference to the person’s nature or role in living his sexuality.

We shouldn’t be using such sexuality to consider a certain nature of a person. In most cases, we would encounter people saying “guys are guys and they are bound to be easily tempted with anyone” or “they’re guys so they can do such at” It’s nearly saying “guys are guys and it’s their nature to be players.” Such thinking was odd and wasn’t just if you talk about “being.” Guys and girls are just the same. In a 100 percent, 80 percent counts the similarly and only 20 percent turns the difference. A guy is a being just like a girl, 100 percent human, all senses complete, even though we have different brains that evolves our perspectives, we are both humans and we are subject to all incoming pulses. If a guy meets temptation a girl does too, the next things to happen would depend upon you. A guy may have grip, a girl could also do the same, it isn’t because you are a guy so your bound to do such thing and you’re a girl so didn’t do it. Simply, if a guy can cheat, a girl can cheat too, if a guy gets tempted, so the girl does. We are human beings; girls can feel what guys could. It’s just that, if you are in nature a player you really are a player; if you’re not then you’re really not. Go out of your own shell and see. Not only guy’s drink, not only guy’s smoke, not only guys gets zippered off or gets someone zippered off. If a guy’s population makes up a player, cheater, perverts, nerds, drunkards, sex addicts, call boys, scrum bags, and others, do you think these kind of people doesn’t exist in the girls world? Of course not. They do exist because girls’ like guys are just humans.

Being what you are doesn’t have to do with sexuality. You are how your brain works. A matter of responsiveness and knowing, of which is right from what’s not. Temptation? As known by everyone, a sin. There is no sexual exemption. If you get tempted to whether you are a girl or a boy it’s because you have no control over your lust. Your emotions might have encountered your brain and is more dominant. It shouldn’t be, that because you are a guy you can excuse yourself and call it normal on your part to be easily tempted or do foolishness. It’s a matter of control, responsiveness, and perspective.

You are what you keep doing, regardless your sexuality.


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