Recreate Your Relationship in 2009

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Would you like to make a fresh start in your intimate relationship? You can you know. You can erase all the disappointments and perceived failures and begin again. You can create a spirit-filled partnership, despite any hardships you’ve been through together. We know, because we’ve done so ourselves. Successfully!

So, what would it take for you and your loved one to make a new beginning for your relationship?

Shift Your Perception

Admit that, until now, you’ve been in relationship based on your personalities, your likes and dislikes, quirks, moods, and demands. You haven’t treated each other like the divine beings you are. You’ve bargained and negotiated, begged and acquiesced, compromising your truest selves again and again. Likely, the two of you have been operating as two egos with one another and it’s caused a myriad of problems.

Next, admit your desire to be in relationship in a brand new way from a higher perspective. Announce your desire to be together as spiritual beings and treat each other with the respect and unconditional love you deserve. Acknowledge your wish to be soul companions, best friends, and lovers to one another. And, believe it’s entirely possible because this is naturally who you are to one another—love in human form.

Set Powerful Intentions
Intention is one of the most powerful techniques at our disposal to change our reality. What you think about and have passion for can be brought into being. So, sit down together and write down what it is you really want from your relationship. January 1, at the onset of a new year, is the perfect time to do this. Share your individual desires about how you’d like your relationship to be, not from a perspective of what is wrong or hasn’t worked in the past, but from what’s possible. Intend the highest results you’d like to achieve together.

Make a Pact
Create a creed for yourselves, a series of statements of who you desire to be (anew) together. For ourselves, we’ve created what we call our “Soul Sailing Creed.”
It contains powerful statements that remind us who we are together and the spiritual nature of our relationship. Statements like:

We agree that we do not desire to be in an ego-based relationship.
We desire a new and different experience of Love.
We agree upon who we are to one another.
We are partners. We are united and One.
We recognize that we each possess
a very powerful ego self, but this is not who we truly are
and it is not part of our foundation of Love.

Together we are growing into higher versions of ourselves.
Together we are Spirit.
Together we are Love.

(Our Creed is found in its entirety in our book, Perfect Love, so feel free to borrow ours or create one of your own.)

You may want to put these statements on index cards to read each morning or at night before bed. Read the statements together to strengthen your intimate bond.

Visualize Your New Relationship

Spend time (singly and together) imagining what your new relationship will feel like. Take time daily to daydream about your blossoming passion, your deepening intimacy, your inner joy at having all you desire in your relationship. Not only picture it in your mind’s eye, but vividly imagine it with all your senses with great feeling. Feel what it’s like to have the best relationship in the whole wide world. Don’t compromise. Think and feel BIG!

In life, we have a tendency to receive what we focus upon—body, mind, heart and soul. Choose to focus on a dysfunctional, unsatisfying relationship and you will receive more of the same. Instead, believe you can have “Real Love,” set your intentions to have it, ask the Universe to help you create it, and visualize a positive outcome. Immerse yourself in thoughts of Love and expect to receive it.

Practice Gratitude
Acknowledge and affirm your flourishing relationship. Offer a prayer of gratitude for the lessons that have come, as well as your ability to grow anew from each experience. Acknowledge gratitude for the newfound intimacy you feel as a result of all your efforts, as well as the grace of the Universe. Finally, offer thanks for one another as divine traveling companions and celebrate your journey home to Perfect Love together.
Author’s note: This article was authored with help from my beloved husband and creative partner, Brad Lundy. Thanks, honey!


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