Rescue like Abigail

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Your like a pitbull you look so calm and your look draws me in, saying I'am safe touch me.Then all of the sudden with a turn and a grip you have my life in your hands.Your like a grizzly bear.Big and strong.So quiet and so raw.Your silence can kill and your teeth can tear me apart.I feel safe that you can't move so fast.I have time to run for my life but with just one grip I'am gone.It's good to know that God has the last words.However I do need to take control of my life.Show me your way Lord.Please help me to feel whole again.Give me hope for tomorrow.Give me a chance to start all over again.Let me be rescued like Abigail and King David.She was married to an evil man name Nabal.He didn't fear you or knew what he had at home.You got rid of him. You took care of Abigail making her a true princess when King David came to her rescue.Taking her from the life she had and that no fairy tale.

If you like to read more about the love story of Abigial and Kind David go to Samuel chapter 2 in Bible



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