Resuscitating Cupid

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If you’re between relationships, you know that this time of year isn’t a traditional favorite with single people. Valentines are hung in every shop window. Restaurants are hawking their Valentine Prix Fixe dinners. And a simple trip to the drug store involves a gauntlet of reminders that you, as Bridget Jones would say, are a singleton. 

It helps to focus on the upsides of being single. The main one being, You’re free! You have a wide open field of opportunity in front of you. Didn’t know you were so lucky, didja? Well, that’s because Hallmark doesn’t make a card for that. Yet. 

If your intention is to resuscitate cupid, here are some ways to create loving energy while “living well, within your means.” 

Go to a Target-Rich Environment
This year Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, so its the perfect day to mix and mingle if you’re looking for love. If you’re here in Los Angeles, you could take a hike in Runyan Canyon, visit Griffith Observatory, or rent a bike on the beach path. Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, says that ski resorts are the number one place to meet men. She recommends spending more time off the slopes, and instead, near the fireplace in the lodge. Who knew? The point is to spend the day doing something that’s good for you, good for your spirits, and gets you out ‘n about to meet new people. 

Treat Yourself Well
Do something nice for yourself. Get a Thai massage or visit a museum or go anyplace you’ve been wanting to go but haven’t gotten around to. It’s a great day to take the time to go at your own pace through the local exhibits or tours. 

And have at least one piece of chocolate. The good kind. You deserve it. 

Share the Love with Good Friends
Just because you don’t have a sweetheart, doesn’t mean you don’t have Love! Celebrate the day with your friends by making a potluck dinner. It’s a low-cost, low-stress, low-mess way to share the day with your besties. 

Attitude of Gratitude
If you take the time to feel the love that surrounds and supports you, you will attract more of the same. Write in a journal or take some quiet time to appreciate all the love you already have. As Abraham-Hicks says, “Send a rampage of appreciation!” 

Be, Do, Have
Be loving, do loving acts and you will have love. Now go to the card store and send your loved ones a special Valentine. Yes, family and friends all appreciate a kind note of your love. If you mail it today it’s sure to arrive on time for Valentine’s Day.


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