Is She Really Going Out with Him?

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My best friend Nicky called me on one fine, lazy day and asked me if I was willing to hook up with some not so good looking man whose front teeth were missing. The man had a bulging stomach and to add the cherry on top of the pie, the man’s mother, black people, weren’t on her favorite list. For a moment I thought my best friend lost it but listening to her logic behind it I began to comprehend why she said it: “Ugly men treat women like queens’’. You don’t have to look like Cindy Crawford or Angelina Jolie, just attractive and pretty and you’re on your way.

I am sure some of us are grossed out seeing good looking women who are paired up with men who look like they came straight from a zoo, or vice verse. Despite the looks the relationships seem to work out (I wonder why). I remember reading a piece of article written by Carlin Flora published on the 28th of November 2010, “The Puzzle of Pretty Boys”. Apparently according to the psychologists who did the test and were featured in the article, relationships in which the woman is more attractive than the man, their relationship tends to be more supportive than the relationships in which the men are were more attractive than their counterparts. The reasoning behind this is that the men with better looking partners thought the women were out of their league and wanted to hold onto hence being more supportive. Whereas good looking men in relationships felt they were missing other opportunities and are not getting much out of their relationships.

Ugly men try harder, they treat women nicely and are not narcissistic, and most of them are charming and intelligent. There is more to their personality than the face: they compliment you most of the times, how beautiful you are and what a nice skin you have, etc. This does not mean that all ugly men are angels. Since looks are not on a woman’s priority list and most prefer a sense of humor, financial success and most ugly men have that, so women settle for them. Men, according to Carlin’s article, thrive on looks.

According to the Sun article, this research was done by researchers at Newcastle University, another positive thing about marrying or dating ugly men is that “ugly men exist as a way of repairing our gene pool”; meaning that when women choose to have babies with ugly men, the children have a higher chance of receiving their daddy’s good genes and can have a better immune system than babies with good looking men.

I pretty much don’t really care how a guy looks like as long as he treats me nicely, is funny, and is successful, then we are going to get on well; besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love is blind.

So ladies, I suggest it’s time to bag ourselves some ugly men. Until next time, stay on guard … Who knows … Your prince charming cough may be on the lookout for you …


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