A Single Red Rose

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Waiting for the doorbell to ring had exhausted her. When it finally rang her heart flashed in shock. Frozen in place, it rang one more time, this time a bit more insistently. Like walking through concrete, she made her way to the door. “Could it be?” Trembling she turned the knob and pulled the door forward. Standing there was the delivery boy and in his hand, a single red rose.

To Be Chosen
Being chosen is at the heart of many of our deepest wishes in love. A close second is to be appreciated. Appreciated for our efforts to live a stand up life. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had opportunities to feel this way regularly?

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can have personal loving interactions with the world around you and feel appreciated in profoundly moving ways. Everything starts with how you think about the issues you are dealing with in this moment.

When you learn to focus your mind on your desired result (being a soul mate) instead of the problem itself (waiting for a soul mate), your perceptions will shift quickly and at times dramatically.

As Louise Hay says, a belief is just a thought you think over and over and over and a thought can be changed.


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