So Easy for You

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How could it be so easy for you?
Listening to my heartache and brushing away my tears.
The whole time you are smiling to my face
Giving me comfort as I would expect from a trusted friend
But you have just left his bed
Sitting by my side listening to my soul’s innermost secrets
While betraying my trust by using my angry words and hurt feelings against me
Twisting my meanings and repeating slanted versions of my hurt words to turn him against me
Because you have just left his bed
Why would you need to trick and betray me this way?
Isn’t the pain in a wounded relationship enough for two people?
What causes you to need to increase our pain and suffering.
Do you really think you are now the better person from this betrayal?
Since you just left his bed
There are no winners here only losers.
I lost my heart’s love, he lost his soul-mate, and
YOU lost your self-respect and our trust and friendship
Just so you could be in his bed when I wasn’t


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