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She had always loved him, although they had never been together, They had met at work both were in relationships, he was married she lived with her partner. But when they met something in her changed she knew that this was her soul mate. She was in a bad relationship, a cruel relationship, she didn’t know what to do she couldn’t leave, she told him about it, he became her life line he saved her soul when she wanted to die, she would not leave this other man she was very afraid he tried to get her to, she wouldn’t.

And as life must go on it does, they stayed in contact with each other by mail, she was afraid her partner would find out, but she couldn’t give him up. Then one day he came into her work, she saw the ring on his finger, she asked him if he had gotten married, he said yes, her heart stopped beating that day. She had asked him to be patient with her, he wasn’t. She was devastated. 

Every now and then she would see him drive by his house, then her heart would skip a beat. She would always love him. Then her partner got sick, and after all the hell he had put her through, she stayed. Now she would take care of him. He needed her. He died.

But he was still married, and probably always would be, but the wonders of computers she found him again. They write to each other she told him how her heart had stopped when he had married. His marriage was not good he was not happy. Her heart broke for him she thought he would be happy. She wanted to comfort him but couldn’t only through words could she comfort him. He told her that now she was his lifeline and saved his soul she told him she would always be there for him when he needed her. And now she lives on hope that someday he will leave his wife. But she goes on with her life too. She has met someone she likes she will never love him, but she likes being with him, for she needs a man’s comfort she needs to make love with a man, She could care for this man, but never to love him, her love is for only one man and that is for him, because he had finally told her he loved her more than he thought possible. She doesn’t think anyone would understand their relationship but nobody has to because they do and always will. They know that they will only love each other no matter what.


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