They Do It On Purpose.

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They do it on purpose. Men. Which is cheaper, a contractor or a divorce attorney? I’ve been crunching the numbers lately. We’re updating our house to sell it. So far, I’ve torn up carpet, painted floors, torn up linoleum, painted more floors, ripped out part of a wall, replaced two toilets, re-done trim, painted walls and steep stairwells, sanded and stained the front door, fixed a plumbing problem in the house, fixed two plumbing problems under the house and refreshed the landscaping. I did all this while managing three kids and a house. My darling husband hasn’t lifted a hammer to help me. What a schmuck.

He thought I would be better of working on my own so he didn’t annoy me with his endless questions … “Why are you doing it like that? Are you sure that’s how it goes? How much did that set me back?” … you get the picture. Ironically enough, none of it set him back anything. My entire savings has gone to this project. I digress. He does it on purpose. He annoys me when he doesn’t have to so he isn’t asked to help. He doesn’t feel obligated in any way to contribute. He’s the “breadwinner”, you see. He pays the bills so that exemplifies him from manual labor. He has done a load of laundry though. He likes clean clothes. I trudge on in a seemingly endless list of projects set to be finished by Tuesday of next week. Pray for me.


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