Thinking of You (an Introduction)

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“Comparisons are easily done once you’ve had a taste of perfection.” This lyric by Katy Perry in her new uncharacteristic song, “Thinking of You,” serves nicely as a catalyst for my thoughts, feelings, and anecdotes that will follow in abundance as I embark on this new challenge of maintaining a blog about relationships and all their splendid glory and heartache alike.

Some of my entries will make you laugh; others will be somewhat sad. I would love to say they will make you cry, but that would be an enormous flattery that I am not yet deserving of, as I don’t believe my writing has developed enough to have such significant impact upon my readers. If, however, I am wrong, please let me know. A teacher of mine once told me that whether or not someone necessarily likes a piece of art is not what is important, but rather if the piece can evoke emotion within the audience, be it sadness, glee, or even disgust. I will try my best not to make my readers too disgusted by my entries. Here goes …

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Hannah and I am currently a freshman in college. I’ve always liked boys—a lot. Thus, when I decided to start a blog to help develop my writing skills (as I am considering a career in journalism), writing about my many experiences with relationships thus far in my short life seemed the obvious choice. Another thing about me that may be good to know is that I am a songwriter, and thus I draw inspiration from words I hear being exchanged on the street, from silly conversations that I twist and apply depth to, and from countless other mediums such as these. Thus if ever any of your comments or feedback inspire me to write more than a reply (I also promise to reply to you), I will dedicate the song to you every time I play it for someone.

I would like to begin this endeavor by reflecting first upon past trials and tribulations along with some success stories of my past. This will take a good number of entries, as my history is … entertaining, to say the least. After a good stretch of time when I am all caught up to the present, I will continue to document my experiences whenever something significant should occur. Within this journal, you will read embarrassing moments, secrets of some successes, songs inspired by different people, and even stories about some of my crazier friends and their experiences.

As a little girl I would fantasize about my first kiss, going on dates, prom, and my wedding. I can’t tell you how many Beanie Baby weddings my friends and I threw complete with rings, lacy invitations, bonbons, and of course lots of stuffed animal makeout sessions (between the animals, not myself and them!). I had my first crush on a boy in second grade, but it didn’t last long because he soon started “going out” with one of those girls who just seemed to attract attention from the male species even at the young age of seven. I still remember the hot jealousy burning within when I saw him kiss her cheek on the slide at recess.

This was the beginning of a very long list of crushes I would have, some turning into relationships, some into nightmares, and others turning into nothing more than a topic of conversation between my best friend and me over lunch in the cafeteria. But one turned into something that can only be described by the word beautiful. He along with many other adventures in the curious land of men will serve as the topics of my journal here. I can only promise that the entries will be interesting and will come from my own real, raw experience.


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