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She liked him. Why? She didn’t know. Maybe the way he smiled at her, maybe because he was damn good looking. He was smart and funny and she just plain liked him.

The problem is, he didn’t like her. He broke her heart, and she was dumbfounded. How could she like someone so much and he not like her? She always just assumed when she liked someone they would like her back. What a shock; he could put her ego back where it belongs, and he did.

She was just asking him for a chance, and he would not give her that chance. She thought they could be good together. She doesn’t think he really understands her; he thinks he knows what she is like. He doesn’t really. He thinks she is a nice, normal girl; he is wrong. She tried to go out with a nice normal man, but she just couldn’t do it. It was way too boring for her. She is not the one to do the same thing day after day. She does not like nice and normal; she likes him. He is different, and this is what she likes about him. Just once, she thought, just one chance, but no he won’t do that.

She would go to his house quite often. She would get a little drunk and try with him to no avail. He kept telling her she couldn’t like him, he was weird, but what he didn’t know is that was why she liked him. He would always send her home.

The last time she did that, he kept talking about why he didn’t want to get together. She kept trying to tell him he was wrong. Neither of them would listen to what the other was saying. In the middle of the conversation, she looked at him and simply said, “I am done.” “What do you mean?” she said. “I am done with you. I am not going to try anymore, I will back off.” So as much as she hated to, she did.

Was it the right thing to do? She still wants him very much, and they still talk to each other. She doesn’t know if he still realizes that she still likes him very much, she wants him and no one else, she has no interest in anyone else, and until she gets him out of her head, she seriously doubts she will find interest in anyone else because if he so much as shows one iota of interest in her, she will be lost. So, she goes on with her life, she smiles at him, talks with him, and every now and then, she goes to his house. Right now it’s winter, so she does not even want to go out, but soon it will be spring, and with the newness of spring hope does shine through. We will see what happens through the spring and summer. Warm weather does bring out the best of her; let’s hope it brings out the best of him and he will open his eyes and see what is standing right in front of him. I will give it the spring and summer and that is all. She does not think she will stop loving him, but the one thing she knows is she will go on she always does. She knows how to survive on her own—she always does. It just would have been nice. Waka Waka


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