A Time and Purpose

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We all fail in some aspects in our life, might be work or love, at one time or another. Oftentimes we believe that a passionate encounter would equal love and that everything will be bed of roses. In any relationship—might be friendship, love, or marriage—we sometimes see the bad signs right from the start but we refused to recognize it because we believe that the power of love could hold us both into the relationship and some did succeed while unfortunately some are still in the ICU’s of life struggling to fight for the life of the relationship, while sadly, some come to an end. It is a fact and it is really hard letting go when you know it’s all you ever wanted. But if you try to brace yourself and focus on the right perspective on things and people and be rational when it comes to your feelings and let your mind rule over your heart and stop settling for wishy-washy relationships and hold your ground, then you will find the right relationship eventually . . . but here the question lies: Does following your mind over your heart give you the happiness you long for?
To be happy for the borrowed moments of love while you have them until the time when you need to let it go to where it rightfully belongs and you will be all alone again . . . that you need to brace pain and set your love free . . . it takes to be strong to do this . . . can you?
Be rational. You knew right from the start that it never would last, sooner or later it would come to an end and you gonna say your bittersweet goodbyes . . . so set it free, ignore the feeling. Always bear in mind that love is a gamble as life is a battlefield, just live with it to what it is designed for you. No expectations! No anticipated pain, no anxiety cause right from the start you knew that you are all alone in your life.
Whatever choice we made, the real saying is “Heart has reasons that mind cannot understand and Mind has reasons that Heart cannot understand.” Everything happens for a reason, people come our way not by chance but by fate and they have purpose why they come across our road in life.

They are the colorful pages in the book of our life. If they leave us and go, it means their part in the story of our life has ended and to those who stay, it means they are the ones meant to stay with us all through our life story. And in the circumstances, the ones who stayed with us are meant to be cared, loved, and never be ignored for they are only humans and they are not perfect, they got tired of holding on too at times!
Cherish and be thankful whatever/whoever comes your way . . . they have their own important purpose why they came into your life . . .


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