The Time They Should Call

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To all you twenty-year-olds, teens, and tweens that have a boyfriend, there is a limit to when and how many times he calls you. If he hasn’t called or seen you in three weeks, sorry honey, but that’s a lost cause. I just broke up with my former boyfriend who hadn’t called in two-and-a-half weeks. So, I’ve dealt with this personally. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. If you’re still not sure, just read this and I hope it will answer your questions!

If he calls you once everyday, that’s perfect! That’s exactly how many times he should call you. Maybe twice. This means he wants to talk to you, but knows to give you your space. In my opinion, that’s a happy medium. But to some people, it means that he’s just calling to keep the suspicion down … but that really is incorrect. Unless these conversations only last about five minutes, then maybe you should check into that …
A long, happy, “How was your day?” “Did you have fun at work?” talk is the way to go! Well, not just that, but you know what I mean. But if he calls two or three times and you want him to, then that’s just sweet. What a happy ending!

He’s obsessed.
This is a case where he just can’t seem to get enough of you. He calls you at least three times a day. It can be very flattering, at first. But it gets extremely ANNOYING! This is a bad habit for him and you have to make him grow out of it. When your boyfriend starts reminding you of an overly loyal Golden Retreiver, then there is a problem. In fact, most relationships end because one of them is persistent to the point of insanity! What they need to know is that being persistent makes you look desperate. In the worst way possible. So … good luck with that if this is your case!

Not enough.
If he calls every other day then skips a couple days more, something’s up. Housten! We have a problem! I would be thinking that he’s avoiding me. But please don’t go straight to “He’s having an affair!” or “He never loved me from the start!” These two examples could be true in some cases. But when you start noticing the silence of the phone, there is no way you can know whether or not that’s true. You shouldn’t just break it up right there and be finished with him then go and bawl your head off and wolf down eight containers of Rocky Road either. Sit the boy down and demand an answer. You can tell if he’s telling the truth or feeding you a whole bunch of excuses; it isn’t that hard. That’s when you can decide whether to keep him or dump him. Hey, it’s a crucial decision.

I hope that I answered your questions, if you had any.


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