A Trip to the Beach: Part Four

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This story contains mature or graphic content.
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I slept on the beach that night, after finding a makeshift shelter which I had noticed earlier in the day being used by one of the older nudists. It was a little uncomfortable, and I woke up early with the sunrise. I enjoyed the early morning sun, and even braved a swim in the ice cold water of the English Channel—which certainly blew away the cobwebs of the night before. For a while, I had the beach to myself, and thoroughly enjoyed the peace.

There were a few dog walkers on the beach, but no other nudists. The dog walkers appeared to ignore my presence, and that was fine by me. Although one strange man did come over and chat to me—he couldn’t take his eyes off my penis the whole time he chatted, and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable. But apart from him, there was no other interest in me.

After a while I realized that I needed to resolve my predicament—how was I going to get back to London with only a towel to cover my nudity? The thought of the forced nudity actually excited me, and for a while, I contemplated going without the towel, and even masturbated at the prospect. However, after ejaculating and the buzz had worn off, I realized that even travelling in only a towel was going to be quite a challenge (particularly as it barely covered me), never mind going totally naked. My options were somewhat limited and I had to decide on a plan pretty soon.

It was getting close to midday, and a slow trickle of other nudists began to arrive at the beach. I was starting to get a little concerned by now, and eventually decided to bite the bullet and just go with the towel. I decided to keep it in my rucksack until I really needed it. I headed off from the beach, up the steps to the top of the cliff, still completely naked and feeling a little apprehensive about what I was about to embark upon. I got to the top of the steps and stood for a while, wondering which way to go. I wanted to stay naked, so decided head off up the path I had been brought down the previous day with the two females.

I climbed slowly along the path, heading up to the top of the hill. I met a few people heading towards the beach. My nudity drew some comments, but I just smiled. One particularly surly gentleman stopped me and gave me a lecture about getting dressed before I left the beach, and that I was giving nudists a bad reputation. I didn’t respond to his diatribe—I just couldn’t be bothered to explain my predicament in defense, and just continued up the hill, giving him a nice view of my well tanned bum as he stared after me.

I eventually got to the top of the path and emerged from the cover of the woods. I was about half a mile from the road now, and actually had no idea what I was going to do when I got there—wrap the towel around my waist, I guess. I continued along the path and was approaching a bend when I could hear female laughter in front of me. I stopped and listened, and the voices were getting closer. I decided to continue and rounded the bend to see the two women from yesterday in front of me. When they saw me standing there, they gave out hoots of laughter and rushed up and hugged me.

I was pleased to see them, and so was my penis. I at least expected to be reunited with my clothes. They apologized for their little trick, but pointed out that they just couldn’t resist doing it. I looked so sweet asleep naked on the beach, so they had come back to find me. I asked where my clothes were, and they started laughing again, I felt a bit uneasy again, and then Carol, the younger one spoke:

“We haven’t brought your clothes, well, at least not your shorts anyway. But here is your vest.” She held her hand out and passed me the vest. I asked about the shorts, they looked at each other and giggled, and then Linda spoke:

“We have brought you something else!” At this, Carol lifted up her dress, and proceeded to slip off her panties. She held them up in the air and said, “You can wear these!” At this, Linda reached towards me, and quickly grabbed back the running vest and said, “But first you have to walk back to the car park with us. Naked.”

I enjoyed the walk back to their car with them. My penis was rock hard all the time, and at one point, I was masturbating as I walked. Both women took it in turns to keep me hard.

We got to the road and it was quite busy. Many cars were passing in both directions, and I was on full display. There was a lull in the traffic, and the women urged me across. I ran across the road, just as another car came into sight. I reached the other side and turned to see where my companions were. They were still on the other side and laughing. They were enjoying seeing me humiliated, and now I was standing naked on the side of a busy road, waiting for them to cross and give me some clothing.

My penis was still hard, and soon the two women crossed over. They each gave me a little pat on the penis, and then pointed across the car park to where their car was parked. There were about ten other cars parked nearby, and their car was the furthest away. I don’t know if there were people in the other cars—I passed them without looking, and got to the women’s car as quickly as possible. Linda opened the car and told me to get in the back. I got in, and the two of them sat in the front with Linda in the driver’s seat. Turning to me, Carol smiled and said, “We will give you a lift to the station, and then you can have these to wear,” holding up her panties in front of me.
I felt a little nervous, but at the same time I was enjoying this, and my penis remained rock hard throughout. Then Linda turned to me and said “Oh, and before we set off, we want to see you wank yourself off.”

Even before she had got the words out of her mouth, I had started rubbing my penis. Both of them watched me intently as I sat there with my legs spread apart, my feet up on the backs of the front seats, giving them a clear view of all I had. I prolonged the whole thing, and after holding back from cumming at least twice, I eventually started spurting my cum. It seemed to go everywhere, and the two of them watched intently until the last drop had emerged from the tip of my penis. Carol pointed at my rucksack and asked if I had still got the towel and to use it to clean myself up.

As I took it out of the rucksack, she leaned over and grabbed it from my hands, and took it off me. I was caught off guard, and began to realize they had planned all this. I sat in the back of the car, completely naked, not a single item of clothing in my possession. Now I was beginning to think that they were going to dump me in Hastings completely naked. 


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