Try It and Move On, Or Not

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Usually when I say I have to pee, during the act, the guy stops. I go. And we get back at it. If it hadn’t been for the Sex and the City episode with the golden-shower obsessed politician, I’m not sure how I’d have handled the situation.

So it was quite a shock when I heard, yes you guessed it. I demurred, I objected, I said it simply couldn’t happen. We went to the bathtub. He urged me on. The whole idea disgusted me. But I did it. I was proud of myself for being able to. He was in ecstasy. I remained disgusted, even wondering if I’d have nightmares. (I don’t even have the stomach to say exactly what “it” was, beyond what you may be picturing.)

As I’ve aged I’m sticking to a rule if it’s not hurting anyone, give it a whirl. Who knows you might have some latent desire to do whatever it is and give your sex life another wind!

This particular experience I’ll file away right here in the “rejected” bin.

And it was quite a relief when we went back to the time-honored act without missing a beat.



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