Two Simple Things a Woman Can Do to Keep Her Relationship Alive

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Often times the simplest things will make the biggest difference in someone’s relationship. Sometimes people make things way too complicated, specially when it come to improving or fixing problems in a relationship. Today I want to provide simple relationship advice and share with everyone 2 simple and easy ways to improve or keep a relationship alive.

1. The first one is to simply find a weekly activity that you BOTH enjoy and do it no matter what. What I mean is to just find something you and your partner like and can do together. It has to be something with a schedule and a specific time. This will require both of you top stay on each other and not let the other one drop out. In other words, the days you’re not in the mood to do this activity your partner will help you and motivate you to not give up or be lazy and visa versus. Keep in mind that this activity has to be something you both enjoy that way both of you have an interest in it.

Examples of such activities include things like: joining a sports team, joining a group exercise class or joining a dancing team. The main purpose of such activities is to collaborate with each other as a team. The idea is to be there for each other and start appreciating your partner for always being there for you. It will create a bigger bond and at the same time will teach you to support each other no matter what.

2. The second tip I will give you is something that takes us back to the basic of a relationship or marriage. It’s actually a very simple concept and it has to do with the kitchen. Just cook for your man on a regular basis and you will soon start to see a huge improvement in your relationship. There’s something about a woman feeding a man that just has a huge impact about the way a man will see and treat that person. It’s almost like magic. But it’s true, man just love to know they have someone by their side that’s willing to look after them and be there for them in something as simple as just eating. Suddenly you will see your man behaving in a more traditional way and will step up to doing the things you never imagine he would do. If you don’t believe me, just try it for at least a week or two and you will see the results. And if you don’t know how to cook just remember that there’s a ton of books out there that can teach you how to cook.

So, next time you’re going through some tough times with your man just give these two useful tips a try and notice the big improvement. I would start with tip #2 first to get on his good side and then follow to tip #1. He will be a lot more willing to try out a new activity even if he’s not really in the mood.


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