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These are the real moments that I can actually sit here and type as I cry at the pathetic thing I call life. So, as you know, I dated this wonderful guy named Charles. Yup, I said it. Dated. We broke up today. We got into a fight. I told him that I hardly ever see him and he got defensive and said, “Oh so now you think I’m cheating?” I said, “No, baby, I just hardly see you.” Then the argument elevated from there. Long story short, he said, “Fuck it, I can’t deal with a relationship if my own girl doesn’t trust me.” I said, “Fine! Fuck it then!” He said, “Nahhh, fuck you then, we’re through!” and walked off. I hate arguing. I grew up dealing with my parents arguing constantly. To me it doesn’t solve anything and he knows that’s how I feel. Yet he continues to yell and fight, knowing damn well I’ll give up after a little while.

Well then, come to find out when I went out to hang with my girls (I didn’t want to sit in the house and cry), we walked around and I saw some of Charles’ friends and they talked to us for a while. Charles’ best friend and I were talking and he told me that Charles told him what happened and then Charles said “Whatever, I’ll just go find a girl that looks just like her and fuck her since she ain’t never let me hit it.” I wanted to run home and cry the whole night but instead I laughed and said, “Well, he can go be him, I’m about to go be me.” then i walked off with a shattered heart.

One of Charles’ friends followed us. His name is Nate. Nate followed behind us and talked to me and made me laugh as we hung out. Then I got a call from my mother telling me dinner’s ready, so I said bye to all my girls and Nate offered to walk me home. I didn’t deny it. Nate’s liked me for a long time and he said that even though Charles’ his friend, he can be a douche at times. I agreed and laughed. A few minutes later we arrived to my house. I thanked Nate for walking me home and gave him a hug. I can’t say I’m ready to date Nate because I just got out of a relationship like not even three hours ago and already his friend is hitting on me. It all goes to show that I’m not something or someone who needs to beg to date someone. More like the other way around. Girls, listen up! Don’t ever think you’re less than beautiful. There are always plenty of guys out there thinking and wishing they had someone just like you! I know. Trust me. I’m not something guys want to miss out on and neither are you. Wish me luck tomorrow. And the rest of tonight because I’m sure to break into tears when I finish this. Bye!


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