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Okay, hey everybody, this is new to me so here I go. I am a single mom and a working woman who just found love, but it took me four years to do so. Well, I met this guy and he’s a nice person. We hit off really well and then we became friends for a while and things were going good, but then we wanted to take a step up and get into a relationship with each other, which was really wonderful. I love it, but the downfall was that my mother doesn’t like him, so she tries everything in her power to drive him away from me. She does not approve of anything we did or just us being together. I mean, we could not even really go out on a date without her calling me or him, you know. But just not too long ago, he called it off with me. But we still saw each other all the time. I mean all day every day and every night, good times, good times. But the kicker is, he told me that we should take a break, like a ninety-day break. Then, after ninety days well will be back to talking to each other, and I so much just want to see him and talk to him and get things back good for us. I mean, I have been fighting with this for the past two months. Ladies, tell me what can I do to get my man back because I’m in my own place now, which he has not seen yet, so please, tell me what should I do to get him to come around.

Thanks, everybody.



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