Walking the Path to Finding the Dream

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I have been a dreamer most all my life. I love to read and I hope for a better tomorrow. I have attempted and failed at many things in life. Now as I age it seems that dreaming is a luxury that seems to fade, and keeping it alive is getting harder. My body is changing and seems to need so much more attention now than when I was younger. I worry about my strength as I get older to continue to strive toward a better tomorrow. Today is about all that really matters. I have never married and have been a single mother. Now that my daughters are grown and doing well without my help it is a new beginning because I only have myself to care for when I ignored myself for years. I am having a hard time picking myself up to continue on the path of life. I need meaning and fulfillment. I have a decent job but it does not satisfy the desire that I feel I need to find fulfillment. It pays the bills. I need more. 



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