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We’ve moved full steam ahead into June, the most popular month for wedding celebrations. These resources are sure to help both brides and their guests survive stressful situations, prevent etiquette no-nos and bad hairdos, and offer fresh ideas for venues and gifts. 

You’ve just been invited to a wedding without a “plus one.” What should you do? This wedding etiquette Q&A helps you decide whether to go, not go, or ask if you can bring a date. The worst thing you could do is bring your uninvited guest unannounced

Your dress, accessories, and glamorous heels are all set for your friend’s wedding, but what will you do with your hair? Follow these simple nine steps to get great hair for the big day. (Here Comes the Guide) 

A great way a bride can show her gratitude is by giving her bridesmaids custom necklaces or earrings from Turq Jewelry that match the color and style of their dresses. This accessories company also makes beautiful earrings that are perfect for the rehearsal dinner. (Turq Jewelry) 

Most of us at some point in our lives have dreamed of having a destination wedding. Here are six exciting and unexpected ideas for destination wedding locales. (YourTango) 

Appropriate during this recession, inexpensive, pop-up wedding chapels are on the rise. You won’t believe all you can get for only $500. (TheFrisky) 

If you have a love-hate relationship with the wedding season, you’re not alone. Check out some secrets that brides and bridesmaids are confessing. (TruuBrideConfessions) 

Not all brides are shrieking, hysterical messes like the ones we see on reality TV. A recent poll conducted by and Lemondrop reveals how brides and bridesmaids really feel about each other. (Lemondrop) 

Ever wonder why brides and bridesmaids carry flowers? It all started back in the fifteenth century, when brides wanted to hide their body odor. (HuffingtonPost)


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