When Dealing with a Liar

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It baffles me that when individuals get themselves into situations, why is it never their responsibility?  In order to make my divorce final, I had to petition the court to have the jointly titled house listed. The first court date ended with having a judge granting ninety days to the other party to have me removed from the mortgage. When the ninety days were up I was granted authority to list the house however the party was given another fifteen days to attempt with removing me from the mortgage after showing up more than an hour late. Why oh why, do people play with the justice system?
The other party was obviously directed to file an extension and was given a new court date. In the interest of my original order, I appeared in court AGAIN!  This time it was apparent the judge was a little irritated with the other party as they were having selective memory on what the court granted earlier. 
After I took the stand to summarize the course of events over the last year, the other party attempted to represent himself. I only ask why oh why!  When my attorney was asked what was left for the courts she asked that the other party be ordered to sign the agreement.
The other party was ordered by the judge to sign the agreement and he replied “No” so the judged ordered the other party again to sign the agreement and he replied “No”. The sheriff was summoned to take the party into custody at which time he decided to sign the agreement.
According to insignificant people, I was laughing in court, which is a joke in itself. For those who have appeared in front of a judge, a disruption in the courtroom is not allowed. Therefore, it is interesting that all the cohorts are STUPID enough to believe I was allowed to be in hysterics in the courtroom. What I do find interesting is the fact that people sit in court conversing while court is in session and it did nothing help their case.
I’m so glad that in light of the larger issues in this country right now people have the time and energy to entertain a pathetic, psychotic, dysfunctional and pathological liar!   If this individual’s life was so happy why would you have the need to make up nonsense about me. 



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