When I Wasn’t Looking

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A week ago we met
We were looking for a friend 
Even though quite by accident
Hearts and spirits looking for understanding

I shared my hopes and fears
And you told me yours -
You had a broken heart
I gave you my shoulder to lean on

There were tears and there was laughter
Laughter gave way to understanding
Understanding gave way to friendship
Friendship gave way to emotions

Emotions showed your heart it was safe again
To open itself up again
To come out of hiding
To trust again
To love again
Emotions showed my heart it might be wrong

What’s happening

This can’t be love
It doesn’t happen this way
It doesn’t sneak up on you
It doesn’t hide in the background

And yet here we are
With hearts and spirits intertwined
With eyes wide open
We didn’t know we’d given them away

Ever so slowly, we coaxed them closer
Ever so carefully, we used the power of our words
Until your heart was willing again
Until mine was unsure of what it thought it wanted

I never believed in love at first sight
Or believed in soul mates
And yet without looking
And without knowing why

I have fallen in love with you
And it all happened when I wasn’t looking


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