Where Did All My Friends Go?

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We finally got the “go” to move and let me just say, it was a long time coming. At first, everyone was so into me and my move. Friends called saying they were going to miss me. I felt loved. Did I say they called—they called, all right—to ask when I was coming over to see them. When was I going to see them?! After driving three hours to see my last friend, I came to the realization they were really not my friends. My true friend was sitting in the driver’s seat trying to help me figure out if I had told him to turn off the wrong exit. Yes, that’s right—Mitch, my hubby. At that moment, I told myself this whole time I have been searching for a friend to talk to, share my stories with, cry while watching a movie, or just plain eating pizza for breakfast and there he was along. Where did all my friends go? He never went anywhere. He was here all along.



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