Where You Sleep Vs. Where You Are

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So, I woke up laughing this morning. I couldn’t help but think that where you sleep on your bed has a direct correlation to where you are in life in terms of a relationship. Say you are in a relationship, whether you are living together or not, you tend to stay on “your agreed upon side” of the bed. However, when you are no longer in a relationship, as is my current situation, you find yourself moving closer and closer into the center of the bed. It’s the physical manifestation of “centering.”

The laughter started when I suddenly realized that I was sleeping in the center of my bed, arms and legs spread out in every direction. I couldn’t help wondering if this meant that I had now truly recovered from the end of my last relationship. The morning laughter stopped, however when I really thought if I was I ever going to learn how to move back to “my side” when I entered a new relationship. Was I ever going to be able to sacrifice my sleep comfort for a bed mate again? Hmm, tough question. I would like to think the answer is yes. I believe anything is possible with the right person. I believe that when you love someone, you will make the necessary compromises for that person’s comfort and well being, including, but not limited to scooching over to your side of the bed.

The end of something is always the beginning of something else, they say. I always scoff at someone when they say this, but perhaps there is some truth to that cliché. I rally more quickly than most from a heartbreak or other less than desirable events. This comes from a combination of my sense of humor and a very realistic attitude about life. Some of my friends don’t get this about me, and some of them think this is a gift. I just say I have lots of practice making this specific quick bounce-back possible.

The point is: there is hope—hope that there will be no sacrifice with that “right” person. No scooching required. You both sleep in the center of the bed, even in summer. I know it’s possible. I have faith. I’m the silver-lining girl, after all.


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