Why Does My Body Ignore My Mind?

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Jill Scott is one of my favorite recording artists. One of her recordings titled “What My Mind Says” really stuck with me; one phrase in particular, “Why does my body ignore what my mind says?”  I wondered how many people have ever felt this way before. Your mind tells you one thing but, your body is speaking a whole other language.  In your heart you may know that a certain relationship or situation does not serve your best interest. However, because you are emotionally caught up; you ignore the good senses God has given you. You begin to rationalize shit and when you rationalize, you begin to ignore the obvious. 

Another example of ignoring what your mind says is getting yourself caught up in the moment. That is exactly how I got pregnant with my oldest son, twenty two years ago. As teenagers, we both knew that practicing safe sex was important but, we got caught up in the heat of the moment. A split decision to forego a condom and act on our hormones resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Fortunately,  my story had a happy ending but, now everyone is as fortunate. Some have paid a high price for following what their body says … despite knowing their mind said something different. So here is my advice to you:

Regardless, if it is good.
Regardless, if it is no good.
Regardless, of how it makes you feel.
Regardless, if it keeps you coming back for more.

Regardless, don’t disregard what your mind says? Especially, if it has not been impaired. Why? Because most of the time your mind is probably speaking the right language …

Good luck,
Shuntai Beaugard


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