Why Doesn't He Know After Over Two Years?

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I have been dating a guy for two and half years who is three and half years younger than me. I’m thirty one and so ready to make that next step in this relationship. I’ve moved around for my career and have always put that first….until NOW. I realize that my "partner" and personal life need to come first.

The challenge is, last summer we took a "break" and he went out and dated the WORLD.

He still keeps in touch with one of the girls and knows that it makes me feel very uncomfortable, but says they are just friends. The hardest part is that he moved about five hours away at the end of September and we have been doing long distance since then. The long distance is making me so miserable, but he said to me that he needs to know 100% that we are right for each other. 

He is very career driven too and always tells me how much he loves me and that he sees a future with me. But then, he says it bothers him because after two and half years he should just "know." 

I do not think he’s cheating because all he’s doing is working. I do know that the long distance is NOT healthy for a relationship. The fact that he can’t commit to me makes me incredible insecure. I’m so torn if I should stick it out because I love him so much OR if moving on is the right thing to do. Maybe, when he comes back, I should see where my life stands?



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