Why Occupy Wall Street When You Can Occupy Yourself?

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Oftentimes when we start with a new program or follow a new “healing” path, it is because we want our life to get better, we want it to get easier, and we want to feel better. But here is the thing, when you actually start transforming and shifting, it seems that life gets worse for a while. It’s kind of what you are seeing happening in the world today. People lose their jobs, their houses, and so on. I am sure you have noticed that too.

Today’s’ article explores why that is and that at first when you are starting to make changes, when you are starting to open your heart, and when you start doing the inner work, things get so chaotic. We will not just look at why that is but also at what you can do about it.

Why occupy Wall Street when all that we really need to do is own ourselves. We should occupy ourselves and create the change from the inside out.

This article is not only inspired by my own journey but also by the women that have joined this year’s Blossom Journey and by everything that is going on in the world at the present time. We are all facing some real challenges in life right now (which is actually a good thing).

Here is why you feel worse and life seems to be getting worse when you start going for real change.

This is how this whole healing and integration thing works: Life will trigger you and it will trigger emotional imprints. Emotional imprints are energetic signatures that were created in your nervous system when trauma happened; when things happened to you that were less than ideal and painful.

Life will trigger these imprints until you take the time to just feel them out.

So far you have been taught to be safe in life. You have created shells of not feeling.

All of this has caused you to close your heart. You spend most of your life in your head. The healing journey we are all asked to go on is the one from the head into the heart. This can only be accomplished by feeling everything unconditionally.

Let me give you an example from my own life.

One of the emotional imprints I used to carry was a thread of survival.

When I first started with the integration work, life would bring all these situations to me. For example, I had no money to buy food or my car would break down or my friend would get upset with me. To my conscious mind, all of these events seemed unrelated, but as I started paying attention to the feelings that all of these seemingly unrelated events evoked in me, I realized that they put me in the same emotional state; an emotional state that seemed to have been with me for a long time.

So, instead of arguing with my friend and trying to convince her that she had things wrong, or frantically trying to make money, I just stayed with the feeling.

I allowed myself to completely feel every ounce of it. (I did get my car fixed though!)

Slowly but surely, “life threatening events” (they felt like that to me) would not feel that way anymore. Money still is tight sometimes, and friends often disagree, but my emotional imprint of survival threat is healed.

What I am hoping for you to take away from this article are three points:

1. When you consciously commit to healing yourself, life will bring stuff that will trigger emotional imprints so that you can heal them.

2. The only way to heal is to feel these imprints and by feeling them completely you can integrate them so that you no longer see life through a filter of a painful past. Only then can you be the free women you want to be and live in peace.

3. Your feeling capacity is single-handedly the most important skill you can learn in order to be present here in the moment.

Everything I teach is about just that.
It’s about developing your feeling capacity.


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