Would You Use a Condom-Carrying iPhone Case?

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If rom-coms have taught us anything, it’s that unexpected sex can lurk around any corner: the grocery store, the Laundromat, the dog park, no place is off limits for a spur-of-the-moment romp. Playing to this idea, Australian-based company Annex Products created the Playa Case: a iPhone4 cover that features a hidden compartment designed to discreetly hold your Durexes. The Playa Case (pronounced like a gangster saying “player,” not like a beach in Mexico) comes in black, white, and bright pink, and can store two rubbers at once.
I mean, we get it. People treat their iPhones like their offspring and have acute anxiety if ever unintentionally separated. Since iPhone users’ cells never stray from their side, they’ll always be prepared to have safe sex. Not to mention, it’s statistically proven that iPhone users have more sex than Android users, so it’s essential to give these sex-fiend cell-phone owners tools to maintain a safe and healthy sex life, right?
Eh, not so much. This earth-shattering technological advancement comes with some serious reservations. One has to wonder what kind of a person would be obsessed with sex to the point that it influences their purchases. Wouldn’t the average person be slightly concerned, not to mention turned off, if their lover owned a cell-phone case that was exclusively designed to hold condoms? Sure, random sex can be thrilling, but is there any come-hither way to pull out your iPhone and seductively slide off the back to retrieve a Crown Skinless? Talk about a mood killer. What’s wrong with carrying a condom in your wallet or purse like all the other socially accepted people hoping to get lucky?
Aside from the downright creepiness and desperate nature of the product, the designers forgot one important rule when it comes to storing contraception: condoms should be stored in cool places; not firmly pressed up to charged battery and hot metal. Walking around with a cell phone with the term “Playa” inscribed on the back is enough of a repellant, but if (and that’s a strong if) a Playa Case owner is lucky enough to lure an unsuspecting person into his or her embrace, pulling out a melted Trojan will only contribute to their meager sex life.
Why does such a thing even exist? According to the promotional video, the Playa Case is necessary because of how easy it is to spot the outline of a condom in a wallet. A hopeless Australian boy explains how traumatizing of an experience that can be, along with other ineffective opportunities to use the case in the video below:

Would you ever purchase this condom-carrying iPhone case? Is this a step in a technologically brilliant direction or a giant step back for mankind? What would you think if a partner whipped out the Playa Case during a sexual encounter?

Photo source: Annex Products

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