Yearning For Companionship

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From the moment we are brought into this world we all have one commonality, a longing for companionship. Companionship comes in many forms and changes throughout our lives, transitioning with the influx of adaptation from infancy to adulthood. Regardless the amount of companionship we require, we all long for a sense of belonging. While some heavily rely on the presence of a spouse, “partner,” or lover, others seek out a pet, group community, or religion as a form of companionship. But to fully appreciate and heighten the experience shared in the relationship, it is important to first know yourself and how the companion will contribute exponentially to your life without straying from your initial rooted foundation.

Too often do you hear of friends, family members or colleagues lose sight of themselves, adapting their behaviors to adhere to a particular style of sensibility that most mimics their companions’. This transformation stems from the lack of self-evaluation a person should undergo prior to committing to a companion. Being cognizant of where you stand as a person not only inhibits manipulation from your budding relationship but it also allows you to be openly receptive of the relationship and effectively adopt the fulfillment of the companionship.

I have had many forms of relationships over the years, each attributing positively to my life in some shape or form. But not until more recent relations was I able to fully grasp and appreciate the invaluable sense of companionship. This newly found revelation came about from me pausing to reflect on my life and analyzing how each relationship fit. Somewhere along the self-evaluation process I discovered that I needed to first feel comfortable with myself, alone, before I could reciprocate and truly feel immersed in another persons’ companionship.

My most rewarding discovery was when I recognized and felt the transition of dependency from my child, to a sense of companionship with my daughter.

What Would Simeon Do?
Think of those closest to you and what type of relationship you have? Have you changed your way of life for this relationship? Reflect on your growth since the inception of that relationship and ponder the positives that have attributed to your growth. Make notations along the way of those relationships that existed out of mere convenience and filled a void; but in actuality only hindered you to exponentially maximize your capacity for life. Now identify or be on a lookout for a companion that is a source of inspiration and offers a renewed vigor for life.


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